Tavata Events

An event organizer’s tool for live, hybrid, and virtual events.

Arrange live, hybrid and virtual events easily with Tavata. With Tavata’s versatile feature you can create a personalized event suitable to your brand.

Hybrid events

Enable networking between attendees and an easy attendance, both live and remotely!

Attendees can get to know each other and arrange meetings in advance regardless of how they are attending. The attendee chooses how they will attend – live or remotely through video. For virtual attendees, you will provide all presenters, exhibitors, and the live program conveniently through one platform!

Virtual events

Bring your virtual event to Tavata!

Your attendees have the option to arrange video meetings in advance. The video meetings are held directly in Tavata. As the organizer, you determine the time slots and duration of the meetings, as well as enable the most effective contact searching by determining roles, offering & seeking options, and additional questions. With virtual events, you bring the event’s basic information, speakers, and program numbers conveniently onto one platform. The organizer has the option to create Tavata video rooms and embed live streams to the virtual event program. Easily provide visibility for your event partners or exhibitors with separate virtual showrooms.

Physical events

Tavata networking tool is an easy way to increase attendee encounters at events. Getting to know one another and arranging meetings can be done in advance through the web app and the meetings themselves are had face-to-face at the venue reserved for them at the agreed-upon time. After the event, attendees can continue to get to know each other and continue networking.

With the help of Tavata, you provide your event attendees added value and new experiences!

  • Business events

  • Networking events

  • Different kinds of expos

  • Seminars and webinars

  • Congresses and conferences

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