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Taking networking to a new level in tech event - Case Solver X

One event behind, two ahead - this year, a total of three Solver X events will take place, and all of them are using the Tavata tool! In the first event of the year held in April, the using of Tavata exceeded expectations, and the reception was positive. Why was Tavata used at the event, and what did the tool offer to the participants? And what exactly is Solver X event?

Tech-event re-invented

IMG_8860.jpegSolver X is a new and revolutionary business event designed to create a meeting place for companies with digital development projects and their implementers. At the event, companies showcase their development projects and initiatives, aiming to find suitable implementers from among the participating vendors (i.e., sellers).

Why was this event concept developed?

"Companies have various projects for which they may not always find the necessary expertise or resources within their own organization. On the other hand, searching for an external IT partner is generally perceived as challenging because there's uncertainty about where to find these partners. Solver X event was created so that companies' projects and enthusiastic potential partners can find each other and form new collaborations," says Milja Andersson, the event coordinator for Solver X.

In addition to the event held in April, two more events will be organized this year: first in October in Stockholm and then in November in Helsinki. The Stockholm event will be the first event held outside of Finland.

Tavata as a meeting place for vendors

At the April 2023 event, participating vendors had the opportunity to network with each other more easily through Tavata. Milja explains that Tavata was used at the event to make the exchange of thoughts and ideas among vendors possible, expand networking opportunities, and open a channel for collaboration between IT companies.

The use of Tavata received much praise from the attending vendors, and the networking opportunities provided by Tavata were actively utilized.

"Tavata is a very clear and user-friendly tool for both us event organizers and participants. The using of the networking tool at the event was a request from the visitors, and we are delighted that with the help of Tavata, we were able to fulfill this request. The collaboration with Tavata was overall seamless and excellent, and the participating vendors were active in using Tavata! It's fantastic that we c an use Tavata also in two more events this year," adds Milja.


Get familiar with Tavata well in advance for the autumn events!

At the April Solver X event, there wUntitled design (75).pngas a dedicated Tavata meeting area where vendors could connect. The upcoming autumn events will also have their own designated meeting areas with numbered tables. With Tavata, getting to know other vendors, finding suitable partners to chat with, and scheduling meetings is easy and convenient!


Are you participating as a vendor in either of the autumn events? Here's a brief guide on using Tavata for the upcoming events!

1. Register and create your user profile, and join the event.

2. Explore other vendors who have joined the Tavata platform and learn about their organizations.

3. Network and reach out to others: open the door to new opportunities, exchange ideas and thoughts, and establish partnerships!


Read more about the Solver X events at: www.solverx.io