Tavata Marketing

Event organizer's tool for B2B events.

Brings together B2B suppliers and buyers - effortlessly on an easy-to-use platform. 

Tavata Marketing is a tool for bringing B2B suppliers and buyers together to have meaningful encounters and for organizing matchmaking events. On the Tavata platform, the privacy of buyer companies is maintained, as the profiles of participants are only visible to sellers. On the platform, company representatives can find the right contacts for them through various matching activities and book their meetings in advance for the event day. Buyers and sellers can schedule their own appointments and manage them easily on their own schedule. 

Find the right contacts 

With Tavata, an event organizer ensures that the right providers and buyers find each other easily and effortlessly. Everyone attending the event creates their own event-specific profile and defines what kind of services they are looking for or offering. The organizer brings together the industry's buyers and sellers, and the platform takes care of the rest! 

Encounters face to face or remotely 

Depending on the type of the event, business representatives will meet each other’s face-to-face, or remotely in a video meeting. In physical events, there is a meeting venue where buyers and sellers will meet at numbered tables. Meetings are pre-arranged, so no time is wasted on the event day to find the right contacts. 

Take the tourism industry for example: B2B events make it easy to make connections between tourism companies from all over the world, and to promote an international tourism culture and cooperation between companies. This does not require traveling since the event and meetings can be arranged on the platform! In online implementations, the organizer can easily bring other event content such as stream, video rooms, corporate stands, and other elements to the same platform.

You can read more about B2B-matchmaking events on our blog.

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