Tavata Recruiting

Tavata Recruiting

Bring job seekers and employers together effortlessly on an easy-to-use platform.

Tavata Recruiting is a tool for organizing recruiting events, or a platform for continuous recruiting. The tool is excellent for example for student recruitment, ventures, or employment projects. The job seekers’ profiles are only visible to the employers. In addition to enabling live and/or video meetings, the organizer can introduce the event program and speakers, partners, or the recruiting companies in their own virtual stands. At virtual recruiting events the organizer has the option to create Tavata-video rooms for interactive program numbers, or to embed live streams for the attendees to view.

With Tavata’s help, you can ensure that the right job seekers and employers meet, as well as provide the attendees with a completely new kind of a meeting place. Attendees can create their own event-specific profile and choose from the options provided by the organizer, what kind of job they are seeking or offering. The organizer can also for example ask additional questions about the type of the sought or offered job. A part of the contact seeking process has already been taken care of as Tavata recommends the most suitable contacts for the attendees!

A virtual recruiting event

Arrange virtual recruiting events and create an all-encompassing event experience for all the attendees. With Tavata you can for example arrange employers’ virtual stands, virtual one-to-one meetings between the employers and job seekers, inform about open job positions and bring the whole virtual event program to the same platform.

Job seeker - employer meetings in a physical recruiting event

With Tavata it is possible for the employers and job seekers to get to know each other and arrange meetings also before the event. For the event organizer it is also possible to bring all the event content to the same platform, such as the event program, exhibitors, open job positions, and companies searching for employees.

After the event, the attendees can continue networking with each other. The event organizer can also upload the event program recordings or other materials to the platform for the attendees to watch after the event. Tavata makes communication to the attendees possible for the event organizer, and offers statistics to follow during the event.

A platform fo continuous recruiting

In addition to organizing different recruiting events, it is also possible to use Tavata for continuous recruiting. The platform is open throughout the entire year and job seekers and employees can arrange meetings with each other. The job seekers can also get to know the employer companies, open positions and other materials added by the organizer. Continuous recruiting guarantees also the privacy for the job seekers, since their information is only visible for the employees, not to the other job seekers.

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