Tavata Social

A tool for managing ongoing networks and groups as well as for connecting their members.

Tavata Social can be utilized as an additional service for networks, associations, organizations, and projects. It enables continuous networking and better knowledge of what the member individuals and companies are offering. Tavata works as a platform where the members create a profile and determine what they are seeking or offering, as well as get to know each other and arrange meetings directly on the Tavata platform. For the administrator, Tavata is also a place where they can inform about upcoming events and arrange small internal events inside the network, for example.

Tavata helps the members find the people whose interests align with their needs. A part of the contact seeking process has already been taken care of as Tavata recommends the most suitable contacts for the members. Let Tavata help you and your network or membership network effectively where- and whenever - even your couch!

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