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Cost-effective solution to events and networks

Tavata is free for event attendees. As an event organizer you can choose event-spesific pricing or affordable monthly pricing. The price of the service depends on the number of users and the version used. 

Options for event organizers are listed below.

Tavata license for network

From 95€/mo

Starting package 500 €

Tavata license for events

From 175€/mo

Starting package from 500 €

Event-specific prices for Tavata 

From 1500€

Ask for an offer!

The prices listed do not include VAT.  

The starting fee in monthly pricing options contains everything you need to get started with Tavata. The starting fee is charged only once.

The event-spesific price is determined by the size and features of the event, based on which we will gladly make you an offer. 


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