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Tavata platform offers solutions for arranging events and networking. Forget the hustle, let our platform help you succeed.

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Arrange live, hybrid and virtual events

Tavata platform can be used both in live and online events. You as an event orga­nizer can choose which of the platform's features you want to use and how you create and cus­tomize your event. Create an event that looks just like you - we will help!

Let attendees create their profile

Attendees can bring out them­selves in their profile, which they also can cus­tomize them­selves. The attendees can also create an event spesific profile to suit each dif­ferent event. Let the attendees find the best contacts for them. Successfull meetings are no longer a matter of chance!

Enable con­necting with the right people

It all starts with one meeting. The attendees have the oppor­tunity to find the best contacts for them­selves with the help of our match­making-features and filtered search. A part of the contact-finding-work has already been done, as Tavata suggests the best contacts for each attendee.

Allow face-to-face or video meetings

Attendees can book meetings easily with each other, remote or face-to-face – depending on the nature of the event. At live events meetings will take place in a meeting area at prean­nounced numbered tables. In virtual events video meetings take place directly on Tavata’s platform.

User friendly and flexible

Tavata is for everyone. It offers a user-friendly solution for event organizers to create and manage events, as well as the patricipants to attend the events. It is scalable for all events - big and small. Tavata ensures a successful event experience in different kinds of business events, seminars, webinars and in networking and recruiting events.  Just try it - you’ll love it!

  • Before, during, and after the event
  • Live and virtual features
  • Intelligent matchmaking
  • Easy-to-use web app, without download


Tavata is for everyone.

Tavata is free for the event attendees. Event organizers have the opportunity to offer event attendees added value as well as new experiences. Make your event great with Tavata. 


Tavata for event Atten­dees

Recei­ved an event joining code from event orga­nizer? Or just wanting to explore the public events? To get star­ted you only need to sign up and create a profile. Signing up is free. Follow us for upco­ming events!

Tavata for event Orga­nizers

Make your event great with Tavata. Give atten­dees more oppor­tu­ni­ties to connect and expand their busi­ness networks in your events with our networ­king featu­res, or orga­nize the entire event on Tavata plat­form!

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