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New partnership with Votemo!

Fluent collaboration with our amazing partners brings more tools to event organizers’ reach and increases customization opportunities in events and networks - we are happy to announce our starting partnership with Votemo, event interactivity and engagement tool! 

What can you do with Votemo and how does Votemo integrate with Tavata?


Votemo bringing extra value to your event

Tavata offers a versatile and easy-to-use platform for events and networks, and by adding Votemo, you can engage your audience even more at the venue and at homes with Q & A commenting as well as polling and voting. Our new partner can also help you with sponsored solutions and customizable graphics overlays for video streams or main stage program at the venue.

Latitude59_Sponsored Interaction_Mood Meter.png Why is audience engagement important   and how participation increases the value   of the event? Being involved during the   event and the opportunity to participate   makes your event attendees feel more   valued, helps them stay focused during the event and enables you as an event     organizer to increase the impact of your event. Audience-engagement is also helping in giving the audience a memorable event experience. Also adding Votemo's sponsored solutions and customizable graphics overlays gives your event exhibitors meaningful visibility.

Bring some extra value to your event’s program and exhibitors using Votemo's features!


Flexible integration

Votemo can be integrated to Tavata easily by few clicks and in few minutes – using the service together with Tavata does not require any more work from the event organizers, since we will put up the service for you. Just let us know which tools of Votemo’s you would want to use or ask to have a meeting with Votemo’s experts, and we will handle everything for you. We invest in our collaborative relationships to make collaborative use of the systems as easy as possible for our customers. Using the platform is made easy and flexible, with all of the integrations as well.


Want to offer your event attendees an all-encompassing and unique event experience as well as added value and versatile possibilities to be interactive during the event? The combination of Tavata and Votemo is the perfect solution for you! Ask more and contact us, let's create a unique event together!