Networking with Tavata in the largest conference held in Estonia

The four-day event JCI World Congress was held in November 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia. According to the event organizer, the event was the largest conference ever held in Estonia with over 4000 participants from 100 different countries.

JCI World Congress is an annual event taking place in different capitals of the world. This international conference concentrating on leadership and entrepreneurship gave the visitors the possibility to participate in hackathon, experience great key notes and of course network and do business with people all around the world.

Tools for effective networking

Imagine attending in an event with thousands of participants, and wanting to find new business partners, possible clients or other contacts. It feels a bit like looking for a needle in the haystack, doesn't it? Therefore, the event creators wanted to bring a networking tool for participants to use, and Tavata felt the right way to go.


“If you have an event with 4000 attendees, the networking app could be only possible way to make people to find relevant contacts. It’s a quite common way during last years at bigger events at least in Nordic and Europe what I have met by myself. It was certainly relevant to use in case of Estonia as e-country",

says event organizer Triin Parmsoo. 


Finding the right contacts

The event participants had the change to join the event in networking tool Tavata beforehand, browse through other participants and find the right people to meet with Tavata matchmaking functions. With Tavata they had the change to create their own personal event profiles and tell what they are looking for or what they are offering in the event. This way the participants could find exactly the right people for their business and book one-to-one meetings before the event.

JCI meeting areaThere was a meeting area arranged for the pre-booked meetings. Meeting area with numbered tables worked as a meeting point for these 15-minute meetings, and after the meeting they could set up further steps on the spot. Several meetings were held during the two days the matchmaking area was open.

“It was definitely additional value for congress participants to try to find relevant business contacts on this way and partners as one of the outputs how to emphasize Estonia as e-country”,

says organizer Triin Parmsoo.

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